Modems, Transceivers, Developer Kits

Get global satellite connectivity on the Iridium network.

Iridium satellite modems, transceivers, and developer kits allow you to get your devices and applications to market faster. With TTL to serial interfaces, input voltage regulators and standardized antenna connectors, an Iridium communication link can be set up in a short period of time.

We stock two-way satellite transceivers that allow the customization of power management, size weight and function of finished applications. Iridium transceivers are ideal for registered Iridium partners who need a satellite transceiver to incorporate into a final Iridium subscriber solution for a specific application or vertical markets, such as a maritime voice telephone terminal or a vehicle tracking solution.

With Iridium developer kits, you can easily integrate satellite capabilities to equipment or products you are developing. These kits feature simplified integration and deliver powerful capabilities, creating opportunities for new partner products and new markets around the world.

Available now | The New STREAM+

Send and receive data via the Iridium Satellite Constellation anywhere on the planet with the NEW STREAM+. Cost-effective, integrated IoT solution optimized for size, weight and power.

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