Empowering Conservation Through Connectivity

Welcome to MetOcean Telematics, where innovation meets preservation. We work closely with our partners to empower conservation organizations with reliable connectivity that makes remote wildlife tracking possible.

With seamless connectivity to the Iridium satellite network, our transceivers ensure pole-to-pole, worldwide coverage, enabling you to explore and protect the most remote corners of the Earth.

9602N Transceiver 9603N Transceiver

The Iridium Advantage

Our transceivers are small but mighty, designed to create a seamless connection between the trackers and the Iridium satellite network, offering a lifeline to the most remote corners of the Earth.

Whether it’s tracking a polar bear in the Arctic or bird migrations to South America, the Iridium network delivers real-time data transmission through 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, allowing you to monitor and understand wildlife behavior like never before.

How Iridium Works

Real-Time Insights for Rapid Response

Iridium’s weather-resilient network enables real-time data transmission from collars and tracking devices to a computer, enabling researchers to receive critical information instantly.

This capability transforms the way conservationists respond to threats, offering a proactive approach to safeguarding wildlife in the face of environmental changes, poaching risks, or other emerging challenges.

Learn how MetOcean is Making a Difference in the Wild

Our friends at Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center in Arizona have been studying urban Bobcats in Tucson. MetOcean provides them with Iridium transceivers to place inside the collars to track these big cats.

Southwest Wildlife rescues, rehabilitates, and releases injured, displaced, and orphaned wildlife.

Osa Conservation (Conservación Osa) and the Nai Conservation Program at Costa Rica Wildlife Foundation are deploying GPS collars on endangered tapirs in Costa Rica, which help them monitor and understand wildlife movement and ecology.

Using Iridium airtime plans by MetOcean, they are able to track the location of tapirs to better understand their movements.

The tracking collar on this jaguar is equipped with MetOcean’s Iridium satellite service. Providing real-time tracking data is vital to support conservation projects like this one, run by the amazing Projeto Onças do Rio Negro .

Protecting wildlife, preserving habitats.

No matter what your connectivity needs are, we work with you to reach them.

As a leading Iridium partner with a 24/7 support team, our team is well-positioned to get you up and running so you can focus on what matters, protecting our ecosystems. For any further information, contact us at the form below.