NOVATECH beacons are designed to last in the harshest of ocean environments, and come in the form of flashers, radio beacons and satellite beacons, depending on need.

Companies, like BW Offshore, are finding increasingly innovative uses for the satellite beacons. By attaching beacons to pipeline cabling, BW Offshore has been able to isolate specific sections of their sub-surface work without having to do physical inspections, saving them time and money when it comes to asset recovery.

Learn how BW Offshore optimizes their operations with NOVATECH.

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NOVATECH Applications

Surface Asset Monitoring

On large surface buoys, NOVATECH beacons act as an insurance policy to determine its location in the event it loses communication.

ROV or AUV Monitoring

NOVATECH beacons are an essential backup in protecting remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). If an ROV or AUV loses communication paths, NOVATECH beacons provide a means of locating and recovering the assets.

Mooring Line Monitoring

Monitor mooring lines by attaching a NOVATECH beacon, which will come to the surface in the event of a line break to notify the owner.


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