Advanced activation and billing tools for the Iridium Satellite Network.

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Relay allows users to activate, update, suspend, and deactivate assets over the Iridium Satellite Network. Users can view and subsequently monitor the airtime usage of their assets for a select period of time, with the option to export the usage data into CSV format file.


Relay provides users with the ability to view their monthly invoices at no charge. A user invoice entails the fees associated with individual assets according to the asset’s plan. Users can export their invoices into PDF, XML, and CSV formats, which support both English and French languages.

Relay for Resellers

Relay provides a portal dedicated to resellers who provide Iridium airtime and other services to their own customers. Resellers can manage their invoices on an individual customer basis using the sub-account management tool. This tool allows resellers to group their assets, and generate invoices per sub-account according to the reseller’s billing plans.

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  • FREE online provisioning & usage monitoring
  • Activate and de-activate Iridium SBD devices
  • Update SBD Iridium devices
  • Suspend Iridium SBD devices
  • Bulk activate SBD modems
  • Data threshold monitoring

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