STREAM+ allows end users to send and receive data via the Iridium® Satellite Constellation anywhere on the planet.

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Stream+ Aerial Shot
Stream+ Internal
Stream+ Dimensions


The STREAM product line consists of a series of versatile low-cost Iridium transceiver packages that enable end-users with two-way connectivity over the Iridium® Satellite Network anywhere on the planet. STREAM+ simplifies data access by transferring user data to an Amazon Web Service (AWS) file management service. Designed for field applications with size, weight, and power constraints. The STREAM+ offers a range of industry-standard protocols, features, and inputs enabling end users with flexible integration and installation options. This versatility reduces development costs and overall time to market. Powered by the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service, the STREAM+ allows users to send and receive files and messages reaching a few megabytes securely, removing the need to worry about intermittent connectivity disruptions.

Use Cases

Uncrewed Marine Vehicles

  • MetOcean Telematics’ STREAM+ IoT device is a valuable asset that can be used for oceanographic research, environmental monitoring, and underwater exploration
  • STREAM+, using Iridium Certus® 100 midband service and IMT℠, enables real-time, secure data transmission and reception, providing valuable information even in remote and harsh operating environments
  • The ability transfer data up to a few megabytes allows for timely decisionmaking and efficient data management, enhancing the capabilities of Uncrewed Marine Vehicles and enabling them to carry out critical missions with greater efficiency and effectiveness


  • MetOcean Telematics’ STREAM+ IoT device is ideal for M2M connectivity in mining and heavy construction where real-time communication and reliable data transmission is needed
  • Using Iridium Certus® 100 midband service and Iridium Messaging Transport℠ (IMT℠), the STREAM+ ensures secure and uninterrupted data transmission with the ability to transfer data up to a few megabytes
  • The small, lightweight STREAM+ enables efficient monitoring of operations and faster decision-making, even in remote, harsh environments and leads to safer and more efficient operations


  • MetOcean Telematics’ STREAM+ IoT device can benefit the fishing industry by providing reliable and secure communication in remote areas with poor network coverage
  • Using Iridium Certus® 100 midband service and IMT℠, the STREAM+ allows Fishermen to receive up-to-date weather and oceanographic information, improving their ability to locate fish and enhance their catch.
  • STREAM+’s compact design makes it ideal for installation on board fishing vessels with limited space and power and can increase operational efficiency and productivity while ensuring the safety of fishing crews


  • The STREAM+ IoT device from MetOcean Telematics can improve productivity and efficiency in farming and agriculture by providing a reliable and secure communication system powered by Iridium Certus® 100 midband service and Iridium Messaging Transport℠ (IMT℠)
  • Compact design ideal for installation on farm equipment and allows transmission of critical data from remote locations with poor network coverage, including weather patterns, soil conditions, crop growth, and real-time monitoring of machinery and automated processes
  • Use of the STREAM+ device can increase and optimize performance while reducing operational costs, resulting in higher profitability for the farming and agriculture industry.


  • MetOcean Telematics’ STREAM+ IoT device is ideal for military and defence applications by providing reliable M2M connectivity and ensuring critical information is always delivered on time, with global satellite coverage
  • The STREAM+ is portable and compatible with various file management services, making it suitable for field operations, and its robust protocols and features allow for seamless integration with other devices and systems
  • The device’s compact size and low power consumption make it ideal for use in remote areas with limited energy sources, offering a reliable and secure solution for military and defence operations
  • Integrated solutions requiring an IP based connection via satellite
  • Allows applications to send larger data amounts in shorter periods of time
  • Reduces airtime cost
  • Simplified integration for Iridium Certus®
  • API provided through serial port, power control & status lines
  • Industry standard interfaces lower the overall development cost

Mechanical Design

  • 205 mm x 105 mm x 48 mm
  • 620 g
  • 10 Pin Panel Mount, Receptacle, Male Pins. Bayonet Lock Connector
  • GPS Antenna – Female SMA Connector
  • Iridium Antenna – Female TNC Connector
  • Integrated Aluminium Heat Sink
  • Pressure Equalizing Gore Vent

Electrical Design

  • 10-40V DC Supply
  • Protected Open Drain Outputs
  • 30W Supply Power
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Automotive Pulse Protected
  • Safe Shutdown (supercapacitor)
  • Standby Mode Current 20 mA, at 12 V
  • Shutdown Mode Current 4.5 uA, at 10-40 V
  • Transmit & Receive Power 10 W Max Avg, 30 W Max Peak
  • Data speed 22 kb/s up, 88 kb/s down

Firmware Functionality

  • Bootloader
  • Serial Communication
  • Logging
  • GNSS
  • OTA Communication
  • IMT Support
  • Low Power Mode

Physical Product


  • Controls file and message transfers
  • Drives the status lines
  • Provides a simple JSON API through the serial port

Power Control Lone

  • Allows an external controller to switch the device on/off

Status Lines

  • Message/File Inbox state
  • Message/File Outbox state

Hardware Interfacing

  • RS232 interface
  • RS485 interface (half-duplex)

Flash Memory

  • Extra storage for large file transfers


  • GNSS to support stand alone telemetry solutions
  • External active antenna
  • Open drain pulse per second
  • Iridium Antenna
  • External passive antenna

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