COMING SOON | STREAM+ allows end users to send and receive data via the Iridium® Satellite Constellation anywhere on the planet.

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The STREAM product line consists of a series of versatile low-cost Iridium transceiver packages that enable end-users with two-way connectivity over the Iridium® Satellite Network anywhere on the planet. STREAM+ simplifies data access by transferring user data to an Amazon Web Service (AWS) file management service. Designed for field applications with size, weight, and power constraints. The STREAM+ offers a range of industry standard protocols, features, and inputs enabling end users with flexible integration and installation options. This versatility reduces development costs and overall time to market. Powered by the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service and Iridium Messaging TransportSM (IMTSM), the STREAM+ allows users to send and receive files and messages reaching a few megabytes securely, removing the need to worry about intermittent connectivity disruptions.

  • Integrated solutions requiring an IP based connection via satellite
  • Allows applications to send larger data amounts in shorter periods of time
  • Reduces airtime cost
  • Simplified integration for Iridium Certus®
  • API provided through serial port, power control & status lines
  • Industry standard interfaces lower the overall development cost

Mechanical Design

  • 205 mm x 105 mm x 48 mm
  • 620 g
  • 10 Pin Panel Mount, Receptacle, Male Pins. Bayonet Lock Connector
  • GPS Antenna – Female SMA Connector
  • Iridium Antenna – Female TNC Connector
  • Integrated Aluminium Heat Sink
  • Pressure Equalizing Gore Vent

Electrical Design

  • 10-40V DC Supply
  • Protected Open Drain Outputs
  • 30W Supply Power
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Automotive Pulse Protected
  • Safe Shutdown (supercapacitor)
  • Standby Mode Current 20 mA, at 12 V
  • Shutdown Mode Current 4.5 uA, at 10-40 V
  • Transmit & Receive Power 10 W Max Avg, 30 W Max Peak
  • Data speed 22 kb/s up, 88 kb/s down

Firmware Functionality

  • Bootloader
  • Serial Communication
  • Logging
  • GNSS
  • OTA Communication
  • IMT Support
  • Low Power Mode

Physical Product


  • Controls file and message transfers
  • Drives the status lines
  • Provides a simple JSON API through the serial port

Power Control Lone

  • Allows an external controller to switch the device on/off

Status Lines

  • Message/File Inbox state
  • Message/File Outbox state

Hardware Interfacing

  • RS232 interface
  • RS485 interface (half-duplex)

Flash Memory

  • Extra storage for large file transfers


  • GNSS to support stand alone telemetry solutions
  • External active antenna
  • Open drain pulse per second
  • Iridium Antenna
  • External passive antenna

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