Marine Surveillance

Passively listen to noise in the ocean to detect marine mammals and subsurface assets, allowing you to protect your assets and harbours.

Marine Noise

Deploy PABLO around an oil drilling platform to determine the noise produced and better understand the impact on the ocean environment.

The PABLO Iridium acoustic platform was designed and tested to measure environmental acoustic ambient noise in order to detect the presence of marine mammals and to assess the impact of noise pollution. In addition, it can be used to detect subsurface assets and for military applications.

PABLO gathers acoustic data for the purpose of analyzing sound propagation in the top 1,000m of the ocean. Configured to collect data on a daily basis, PABLO has a long mission life, operating for close to a year while performing 300 profiles called acoustic window cycles.

  • Acoustic Iridium profiling platform
  • Bi-directional communication
  • Acoustic profiles to 1,000m
  • Real-time data
  • Height (with Iridium/GPS antenna): 57 in (145 cm)
  • Diameter: 6.50in (16.50 cm)
  • Weight: 48 lbs (22 kg)
  • Hull Material: Type II anodised aluminum casing
  • Operating Temperature: -2°C to 35°C (28° F to 95° F)
  • Operating Life: ~300 profiles or up to ~1 year of operation
  • Mission Length: Multiple missions/day (up to max. of 5)
  • Pressure at Parking Depth: 40 bar to 100 bar (~400 to
  • 1000m depth)
  • Depth Maintenance Accuracy: 25m ±2.5 bar (adjustable)
  • Power Supply: 30D Lithium Cells (IATA Certified)
  • Temperature: -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F)
  • Time Before Use: ≤ up to 5 years
  • Function: Mission programming; float checking; etc.
  • Terminal: PC
  • Link: Bluetooth graphical user interface to PC
  • Deployment: Magnet removal launches float
  • Iridium Communication: Iridium 9602 SBD Transceiver
  • Temperature Range: -5°C to 45°C (28°F to 95°F)
  • Accuracy: ±.002°C
  • Resolution: .001°C
  • Pressure Range: 0 dBar to 250 dBar
  • Accuracy: ±.1 dBar
  • Resolution: .01 dBar
  • Resolution: 1Hz-150KHz
  • 1/3 Octave ( 10- 8000Hz)
  • Sensitivity 30-165 dB re 1uPa

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