The NOVATECH RF-700A1 is a self-contained submersible Radio Beacon, designed to assist in the location and recovery of underwater oceanographic equipment.

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It may be submerged for long periods of time in ocean depths to 7,300m (24,000 feet). The activation is completely automatic as it utilizes a pressure switch that automatically turns the beacon OFF below 10m, effectively isolating the power source, and ON when it returns above the 10m threshold.

  • Automatic activation: OFF when submerged below 10 m, and ON at the surface
  • Pressure-activated ON/OFF switch with manual override
  • At the surface the beacon transmits a pulsing RF signal for approx.. 8 days
  • Detectable up to eight nautical miles
  • Self-contained submersible to 7,300 m
  • FCC approved
  • Powered by 4 “C” cell alkaline batteries

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