The iCB-7500 beacon provides peace of mind for those expected and unexpected asset recoveries.

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The Iridium Combo Beacon (iCB-7500) is a self-contained submersible Iridium/GPS Satellite beacon designed to assist in the location and recovery of underwater oceanographic equipment. It combines the functionality of an Iridium/GPS Satellite Beacon and an LED Flasher.

The iCB-7500 features a configurable white LED Flasher that is integrated within the head assembly and can be used to visually spot assets in rough seas and at night.


  • Combined Iridium/GPS Beacon & LED Flasher
  • Multiple Surface Activation Modes
  • Report GPS Positions in Real-time

• Diameter: 2.79” (70 mm)
• Height: 23.65” (600 mm)
• Mass in air: 4.91 kg (10.8 lb)
• Weight in water: 3.56 kg (7.84 lb)
• Hull Material: Titanium (Grade 5)
• Cap Material: Aluminum Oxide Ceramic
• Lens Material: Sapphire
• Colour: Natural
• Power Supply Voltage 7 to 28 VDC (External power )
• Batteries: 7 X D Lithium cells (or optional alkaline)
• Integrated dual-band GPS / Iridium ceramic patch
• High Power LED – side emitting
• No flashes (off), single, double and triple flash.
• Intensity – Low, Medium, and High Settings.
• 1 to 3 bursts every 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 20, 30, or 60 seconds.
• Light Sensor Setting
• Enables or disables the light sensor in the unit; if enabled, Flasher operates in dark conditions only
• Visible Range – Up to 5 Nm
• ON / OFF Control
• -30°C (-22°F) to +70°C (158°F)
• Maximum Depth: 7,500 m (24,600 ft)
• Operating Life: 1 year of daily transmissions at 1-hour interval. Note: The estimate varies if the ‘flasher’ is enabled
• Configurable locally via Bluetooth (BLE)

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