UNIVUE is now upgraded to the new Orion

This is an important note to inform our customers of our plans to migrate all users to our new Tracking platform interface, ORION.

The ORION platform interface is an upgrade to UNIVUE. It supports all the same functionality and features plus much more currently in development. Users will notice that the main difference is the overall look of the system. A more modern user interface has been adapted. This update will allow MetOcean to implement new and exciting features/functionality and to ensure that the legacy of a solid tracking platform continues.

We are currently asking that all users begin to utilize the ORION tracking platform interface and provide as much feedback to our Sales, Service or Support departments, as possible.

The URL is https://orion.metocean.com

All of your current usernames and passwords are set to work and allow access. Your current devices and their configurations are all accessible. In addition, all past, current and future data passed into UNIVUE is available simultaneously on ORION. There is no need to migrate data and there will be no disruption in service. This is to ensure a smooth and seamless transition as possible. 

As we seek to migrate all users to ORION, we will no longer allocate resources to the maintenance/updates/ support of UNIVUE. There will be further future communications to indicate when UNIVUE will no longer be accessible to our customers. We want to ensure customers have as much time as possible to familiarize your staff with our new platform interface; ORION. If you have any questions or concerns please contact either MetOcean Technical Support or your account manager for further clarification.

If you have any questions please contact, support@metocean.com.

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