Revolutionizing Oceanographic Research: A Powerful Collaboration Between MetOcean and Saildrone

MetOcean’s partnership with Saildrone combines satellite-based Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with cutting-edge uncrewed surface vehicles. MetOcean’s dedication to providing Iridium services ensures that oceanographic data is collected and transmitted in real-time, empowering critical decision-making in the maritime industry.

Saildrone’s uncrewed surface vehicles navigate the most inhospitable oceans while delivering quality research data that informs climate models, refines weather predictons, monitors marine mammals, and maps the full ocean depth with industry-leading sonars.

The integration of the Thales VesseLINK ensures global satellite coverage for maritime communications. VesseLINK relies on Iridium Certus broadband services over a network of 66 satellites, making it the go-to solution for essential data transmission at sea.

Together, MetOcean and Saildrone, bolstered by Thales and Iridium, have set sail to revolutionize oceanographic research, providing insights to questions that were once hidden in the vastness of the world’s oceans.

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