MetOcean Telematics to provide CANADA with global connectivity via the Iridium® satellite network

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Canada (July 26, 2017) – MetOcean Telematics is pleased to announce it has been awarded an extensive multi-year contract to provide global satellite communications to the Canadian Government, exclusively through the Iridium® network.  The agreement will feature MetOcean Telematics cutting-edge hardware products and services, deployed for use by over 150 Canadian Government agencies.  The Iridium network is the only satellite constellation to offer 100 percent global coverage, including the polar regions, such as the remote Arctic territory of northern Canada.

MetOcean Telematics, well established for over 35 years, has significant experience providing remote monitoring technology for various applications, as well service and support to emergency and disaster response teams.  As a leading global Iridium reseller and manufacturer of Iridium satellite communications hardware solutions, MetOcean Telematics will deliver reliable, global satellite communications and support to the Government of Canada.

 “We have been providing the Government of Canada with Iridium satellite services for over a decade, and are very pleased to expand our partnership and services for many years to come,” says Tony Chedrawy, MetOcean Telematics President & CEO.

Canada, the second-largest country by total area, occupying 3.85 million square miles, will now deploy the latest in MetOcean Telematics satellite communications technology, enabling quick responses in areas that are not serviced by conventional mobile communications technology. This will provide the Canadian Government with the tools to monitor and respond to emergency and disaster response situations in remote areas of the country.

“This is a significant win for MetOcean Telematics, and we are proud to be a part of it,” said Bryan Hartin, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Iridium. “As a valued reseller and manufacturer of Iridium products and services, MetOcean Telematics is a natural fit due to the inherent advantages of the Iridium network, including keeping people connected where no one else can. With this agreement, the Canadian Government will have access to affordable, reliable and resilient satellite communications services.”

Iridium currently operates the largest global commercial, low-Earth orbit satellite constellation.  The Company is in the process of refreshing the constellation with new satellites, in a program called Iridium NEXT.  This $3 billion investment has been coined the largest “tech refresh” in history.  Iridium customers and end users will have access to enhanced voice, data and satellite broadband services anywhere in the world during and after deployment of Iridium NEXT.   

About MetOcean Telematics: MetOcean Telematics corporate headquarters, including the research and development and production facilities, are located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. The company develops and manufactures state-of-the-art data acquisition and end-to-end telematics solutions, with a focus on niche MetOcean solutions and custom Defense and Security products. As a prominent global Iridium Satellite Value-Added Reseller focussed on hardware solutions, data services, and support, MetOcean Telematics is a leader in the satellite communications industry.

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