MetOcean announces the release of their CODE/ DAVIS Drifter

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, July 19, 2012—MetOcean Data Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of remote data collection systems for remote and harsh environments, announces the release of the CODE/DAVIS Drifter.

The MetOcean CODE/DAVIS drifter has been designed and tested to meet the performance criteria of the CODE (Coastal Ocean Dynamics Experiment) drifter developed by Dr. Russ Davis of SIO. The MetOcean CODE/DAVIS drifter is an inexpensive solution to acquire coastal and esturarian water currents within a meter of the water surface.

Utilized by the oceanographic and metrological community, the robust design allows for easy ship deployment. The CODE/DAVIS drifter is equipped with a sea surface temperature sensor, GPS receiver and the option of either Iridium or Argos based satellite telemetry. The drifter’s potential operating life is between 3-12 months depending on the required rate of transmission.

Clifton Flint, MetOcean’s Sales and Marketing representative for the buoys and profilers product line said “Our team has been working diligently to bring this solution to the market and we are enthusiastic about its release.  The oceanographic research community should be very excited.”

For additional information on MetOcean’s CODE/DAVIS Drifter, please visit or contact our sales department at

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