Iridium Connected Not Stranded Disaster Tips


Disasters can happen anywhere, and to anyone, which is why it is so important to be prepared at all times. The ability to communicate is absolutely crucial in an emergency. While people remember physical essentials like food, water and shelter during disasters, communications are often overlooked as an emergency resource. 


Do you live in:

  • Coastal areas that may get hit by hurricanes?
  • Regions where wildfires may spread quickly?
  • Places with high tornado activity?

Whether you live in disaster-prone areas or not, there is always a chance for the unexpected to happen. Be responsible. Be informed. Plan ahead. Download this emergency kit with a step-by-step guide for Iridium satellite communications and some tips on how to prepare for an emergency.

Download Emergency Guide


In a disaster, there is a risk that telephone lines may fail quickly – and those that don’t can be overloaded with users attempting to place calls. Satellite communications may become the only alternative as your ‘cellular tower in the sky’. Iridium provides satellite connectivity with its network of 66 Low-Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites that brings reliable service to anyone throughout the world. Satellite connectivity is a critical emergency resource and backup communications source that allows you, your family, and colleagues to stay safe, aware and connected during a crisis.


Bundle-up and bounce back with the Connected Not Stranded Bundle. Offer available through November 01, 2018 via select Iridium partners, includes an Iridium 9555 with a 200 Minute Voucher.

Prepare yourself. Rely on Iridium.

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Experience the Benefits of Iridium through the Connected Not Stranded Bundle

Powered by the Iridium Network
  • Global coverage – Iridium is the only satellite communications provider that offers truly global coverage, so you would never get stranded
  • Superior Reliability – Iridium doesn’t rely on local ground infrastructure that can get destroyed or overloaded with calls during a natural disaster
  • Redundancy – Iridium adds a backup communications link when terrestrial networks are not available
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