Meet the all-new STREAM+

STREAM+ is a versatile, low-cost Iridium transceiver package that provides you with two-way connectivity over the Iridium® Satellite Network, the world’s only truly global satellite network. Designed with size, weight, and power constraints in mind, STREAM+ is small but mighty when it comes to transmitting data from your remote equipment.

Powered by the Iridium Certus® 100 midband service, STREAM+ allows users to send and receive files and messages reaching a few megabytes securely, removing the need to worry about intermittent connectivity disruptions.


Stream data anywhere on the planet today

How far would you go for data? If you’re in a remote industry like oil and gas, environmental research, transportation, and many others – the answer is, pretty far.

Many sectors, like yours, depend on remote equipment for critical insights into their operations. In the past, this has meant costly travel, expensive equipment, lost time, compromised accuracy, and even safety concerns.

With the STREAM+, you only need to reach your computer.



Sometimes, simple is best. We developed STREAM+ with the intention of being as simple and cost-effective as possible, without compromising on quality. At less than half the market price*, STREAM+ is the best solution for your budget.


STREAM+ was designed to meet low power requirements – a critical feature when it comes to remote equipment with a limited power source. Maximize the amount of data you receive from each deployment and minimize time spent replacing or updating your machinery.

Easy integration

STREAM+ was thoughtfully designed for quick-to-market integration. It’s industry-standard interfaces and flexible integration options set you up to succeed as quickly as possible.

Wondering how STREAM+ compares to other products in the market?

*Download our detailed comparison sheet here. This sheet compares products from Ground Control, BlueSky, and NAL Research.

How does it work?

STREAM+ is equipped with the Iridium 9770 transceiver, the first of its kind to offer mid-band Internet speeds. It seamlessly transmits your data logs, sensor records, and any other information you can program through the global Iridium Satellite Network. We simplify your projects by providing the hardware for remote data transfer – all you have to do is program the software.

STREAM+ offers a range of industry-standard protocols, features, and inputs, enabling end users with flexible integration and installation options. This versatility reduces development costs and overall time to market.

Our dedicated team will work with you to tailor the STREAM+ to your project’s unique needs, ensuring you’re set up for success.

Send files without disruptions

Powered by the Iridium Certus 100 midband service and Iridium Messaging Transport℠ (IMT℠), the STREAM+ allows you to send and receive files and messages securely, without worrying about intermittent connectivity disruptions.

With STREAM+, you can now effortlessly access your data through a variety of file management services – including Amazon Web Service (AWS) – providing you with the flexibility to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Powered by the Iridium Certus® 100.

Optimized for solutions with strict size, weight, and power requirements, Iridium Certus 100 provides reliable, truly global connectivity for vehicles, vessels, and aircraft all over the world. With IP data speeds up to 88 Kbps, Iridium Certus 100 is ideal for mobile, fixed, and portable operations like workforce communications, remote monitoring, and real-time asset control.

Optimized for a range of industries

STREAM+ is a versatile and adaptable IoT solution with a broad spectrum of applications. Its capacity to seamlessly connect remote locations, deliver real-time data, and establish secure communication links makes it a valuable asset in fields as varied as marine research, mining and construction, fishing, marine research, agriculture, military and defense, and more.

With STREAM+, the possibilities are virtually limitless, as it can be customized to suit the unique needs of any industry, ensuring efficient operations and improved decision-making across the board.

What’s your market?

In the world of marine research, challenges are as vast as the oceans themselves. Limited real-time data access from remote locations, unpredictable marine conditions, and communication hurdles can all hinder your crucial and already costly operations.

Real-Time Insights
STREAM+ harnesses the Iridium Certus 100 midband service, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in the most remote marine environments. Access anything from oceanographic data, environmental conditions, and sensor readings instantly for informed decision-making.

Secure & Reliable
Our IoT solution establishes robust communication links, even in unpredictable marine conditions. Enjoy secure data transfer, enhanced equipment coordination, and seamless collaboration for more productive research missions.

Compact & Efficient
STREAM+ boasts a low-cost, low-power, and ultra-compact design. Seamlessly integrate it with various marine equipment, from data buoys to AUVs, and supercharge your research efficiency.

With STREAM+, you can focus on research without worrying about connectivity, data transfer, or equipment communication. It’s not just technology; it’s your partner in marine research.

In the demanding industry of mining and construction, efficiency and data are the keys to success. STREAM+ is your game-changing partner, addressing critical challenges you face daily.

Real-Time Insights
Gain instant access to vital equipment data, optimize performance, and minimize downtime. STREAM+ provides real-time updates on anything you can monitor, from fuel consumption, operating conditions, and maintenance requirements.

Remote Site Monitoring
Ensure seamless communication between teams and efficient resource allocation with real-time monitoring of remote sites, enhancing productivity and safety.

Environmental Compliance
Stay ahead of regulations by collecting data on air quality, noise levels, and weather conditions. Create a safer and more sustainable work environment with STREAM+.

STREAM+ is your path to optimized operations, reduced costs, and heightened productivity.

For fishing fleet owners, maximizing productivity and fuel efficiency is essential to thriving in the competitive seas.  STREAM+ is a game-changing IoT solution tailored to transform your fishing operations.

Boost Productivity
STREAM+ empowers you with instant insights into the data you’re monitoring, from catch rates to fishing trends, enabling informed decisions to optimize your fleet’s productivity.

Fuel Savings
Monitor gas consumption and analyze engine performance with STREAM+’s data transfer capabilities. Cut fuel costs and sail farther for better catches!

Optimize Vessel Performance
Looking for critical insights into your boat’s performance? You can program STREAM+ to share any important data, allowing you to fine-tune navigation, streamline routes, and enhance overall efficiency on the water.

In agriculture, challenges like unpredictable weather patterns, crop health monitoring, and efficient irrigation have a large impact on crop yields. With STREAM+ utilizing Iridium Certus 100 technology, we offer more than just a solution; we provide precision.

Real-Time Weather Insights
Stay ahead of changing weather conditions by transmitting your weather data in real-time with STREAM+’s data transfer capabilities. Plan planting, irrigation, and harvesting efficiently, ensuring your crops thrive in every season.

Smart Irrigation Management
Monitor soil moisture levels and optimize irrigation schedules effortlessly. Transfer timely and accurate data with STREAM+, enabling you to conserve water, reduce costs, and ensure each crop receives the perfect amount of hydration.

Crop Health Monitoring
Detect issues early! STREAM+ aids in continuous crop health monitoring by integrating with various sensors. Identify diseases, pests, or nutrient deficiencies promptly, allowing for timely interventions and healthier yields.

In the dynamic realm of military and defense, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. STREAM+ powered by the cutting-edge Iridium Certus 100 technology is not just a device; it’s a force multiplier tailored for the challenges faced in the field.

Global Connectivity
STREAM+ establishes a robust communication network across the world’s most challenging terrains, enabling real-time data transmission in remote, high-stakes environments. Wherever your mission takes you, STREAM+ ensures seamless connectivity.

Enhanced Situational Awareness
Gain unparalleled insights with STREAM+’s data transfer capabilities. Swift access to critical intelligence streams from drones, surveillance apparatus, and tactical assets empowers commanders to make informed decisions in the heat of action, elevating strategic acumen.

Protecting sensitive data is paramount. STREAM+ utilizes the encryped Iridium satellite network, guaranteeing the utmost confidentiality in mission-critical communications. With STREAM+, your strategic plans remain classified and secure.

Didn’t see your industry listed and wondering if STREAM+ is a fit? Let’s talk!

Utilizing the Iridium Satellite Network.

Iridium’s unique, crosslinked mesh architecture creates a web of coverage encompassing 100% of the planet from Low-Earth Orbit (LEO), providing low-latency, weather-resilient services unlike any other satellite provider. No other network matches the reach, coverage, and reliability of Iridium – regardless of flight path.

Still deciding? Learn how STREAM+ compares in the market.

*Download our detailed comparison sheet here. This sheet compares products from Ground Control, BlueSky, and NAL Research.

A closer look at STREAM+.

  • Integrated solutions requiring an IP based connection via satellite
  • Allows applications to send larger data amounts in shorter periods of time
  • Reduces airtime cost
  • Simplified integration for Iridium Certus®
  • API provided through serial port, power control & status lines
  • Industry standard interfaces lower the overall development cost

Mechanical Design

  • 205 mm x 105 mm x 48 mm
  • 620 g
  • 10 Pin Panel Mount, Receptacle, Male Pins. Bayonet Lock Connector
  • GPS Antenna – Female SMA Connector
  • Iridium Antenna – Female TNC Connector
  • Integrated Aluminium Heat Sink
  • Pressure Equalizing Gore Vent

Electrical Design

  • 10-40V DC Supply
  • Protected Open Drain Outputs
  • 30W Supply Power
  • LED Status Indicator
  • Automotive Pulse Protected
  • Safe Shutdown (supercapacitor)
  • Standby Mode Current 20 mA, at 12 V
  • Shutdown Mode Current 4.5 uA, at 10-40 V
  • Transmit & Receive Power 10 W Max Avg, 30 W Max Peak
  • Data speed 22 kb/s up, 88 kb/s down

Firmware Functionality

  • Bootloader
  • Serial Communication
  • Logging
  • GNSS
  • OTA Communication
  • IMT Support
  • Low Power Mode

Physical Product


  • Controls file and message transfers
  • Drives the status lines
  • Provides a simple JSON API through the serial port

Power Control Lone

  • Allows an external controller to switch the device on/off

Status Lines

  • Message/File Inbox state
  • Message/File Outbox state

Hardware Interfacing

  • RS232 interface
  • RS485 interface (half-duplex)

Flash Memory

  • Extra storage for large file transfers


  • GNSS to support stand alone telemetry solutions
  • External active antenna
  • Open drain pulse per second
  • Iridium Antenna
  • External passive antenna

STREAM+ Product Sheet

STREAM+ Use Case Sheet

Get real-time uninterrupted data from your remote operations.