ST840 4G Tracker


The ST840 is a fully integrated 4G Cellular GPS Tracker designed for quick deployment. As cellular coverage migrates to 4G, the ST840 will provide additional coverage with fallback to 2G/3G. Designed to meet the demand for a quickly deployable tracking solution, the ST840 is a fully integrated unit and has integrated antennas and lithium rechargeable battery.

The tracker also has the benefit of onboard intelligence to increase its counter-surveillance by leveraging device features to combat detection or alert based on tamper. Competing devices often rely on server-side intelligence which requires the device to be connected to the server using power and increasing the chance of detection.

The C2 (Command and Control) Software can be hosted locally with the customer or provided as a service. It provides a feature-rich, intuitive interface for tactical or pattern of life analysis of the 4G Cellular GPS tracking data.

  • Real-Time tracking of single or multiple units through UniVue Command and Control Software
  • Configurable modes of operation to meet any mission
  • Device – 6 x 58.7 x 101.7mm 1.42 x 2.31 x 4.0 in.
  • Material – Extruded aluminium and Radome
  • Attachment – Magnetic Plate and Tie-Wrap
  • Modem – LTE 4G Wireless Connectivity Compatible with Wireless Networks Around the World
  • Data Encryption – AES 128 Encryption for Secure Data
  • Motion Detection – 3 Axis Accelerometer for Motion Sensing and Direction
  • GPS Receiver – 8th Generation GPS Receiver – Fast Time to First Fix
  • Data Storage – Up to 500,000 records onboard storage
  • 4G Cellular support with 2G/3G fallback (North American and International variants) AT&T Carrier in the USA.
  • 8th Generation GPS Receiver – Fast Time to First Fix
  • Anti-Tamper detection, 3 Axis Accelerometer

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