Pico 9603N Modem

$599 USD


The Pico is a GPS enabled controller board featuring the world’s smallest commercially available satellite transceiver, the Iridium 9603N, making it one of the smallest modem solutions available on the market. Performing as more than just a serial controller, the Pico includes a high-performance 32 bit microcontroller, enabling control of various on-board peripherals.

  • GPS enabled controller board
  • World’s smallest commercially available satellite transceiver
  • Includes a high-performance 32 bit microcontroller
  • Dimensions: 2.3” L x 1.63” W x 1.065 ”H
    Weight: 100 g
  • Operating Temp: -40°C to 70°C
    Data I/O
  • MO Message Size: 340 bytes/message
  • MT Message Size: 270 bytes/message
  • Interfaces: 3.3V serial UART / Extended AT Commands
    4x Digital I/O’s
    2x 12 bit analog to digital Inputs
    6 axis eCompass
  • Input Voltage: 7 VDC to 28 VDC
  • Standby Current: <100 uA
  • Radio Frequencies: 1616 to 1626 MHz (Iridium 9603)
    1575.42 MHz (48 Channel GPS)

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