The NOVATECH™ MMB-1000 is a small form-factor, lightweight, self-contained VHF radio locator beacon. Introduced as part of the new Mini-Beacon line, the MMB-1000 has been added to the NOVATECH™ family of asset recovery devices. The new digital circuit controller offers selectable preset frequency channels, along with a range of duty cycle options, resulting in a beacon that can be configured for a range of broadcast specifications.

Powered by Lithium Batteries this miniature recovery aid is designed for one-month ocean deployments, with enough power to transmit for up to four weeks at low intensity at night once surfaced (results can vary based off configuration selected by the user). The MMB-1000 Mini-Beacon is manually activated and deactivated via an On/Off Control: Magnetic reed switch.

  • Miniature recovery aid
  • Ocean deployments (up to 2.5 months submerged)
  • Detectable for up to five nautical miles
  • At the surface the beacon transmits a pulsing RF signal for approx. 20 days.
  • Conductivity sensor that activates upon surfacing
  • Self-contained submersible to 1,000 m
  • Compact design
  • FCC approved
  • Powered by 7 x CR123A Lithium batteries
  • Available with specific frequency for Japanese projects

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