Keep your communication lines open and information secure.

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Bracer sets the standard in secure commercial satellite communication. Designed for discretion and engineered to operate in the planet’s harshest environments, it is the most robust, effective and reliable commercial TacSat in the market. Powered by Iridium satellite technology, the 100% BLOS, push-to-talk device keeps you connected through a highly-resilient network, while end-to-end encryption protects your information and allows you to operate without constraints. When information security is critical, trust Bracer.

Engineered to excel in the most harsh environments, Bracer performs in aircraft up to Mach 2.0 speeds and facilitates effective communication in urban canyons, mountainous regions and deep valleys. Powered by the Iridium Low Earth Orbiting satellite network, Bracer keeps global teams connected when communication is critical. With an unlimited number of handsets available for each talkgroup, and each handset configurable with up to 15 separate groups at any one time, Bracer’s ability to seamlessly connect global teams makes it an essential part of any mission.

Ruggedised casing
•Tough polycarbonate fully sealed casing for maximum impact protection with rubber over-mould for handheld comfort

LED indicator
• Multi-colour LED status indicator

Internal antenna
• Ruggedised internal high gain Iridium antenna, safe for body worn use

• Emergency SOS button
• Protective cap for accidental activation
• Sends SOS and PLI message to all active radios on PTT Talkgroup (secure TGs only)

Headset volume
• Volume up/down buttons

Soft keys
• Status sensitive quick selection keys

Navigation keypad
• Enter button (centre)
• Menu navigation keys (up, down, left, right)

Multi-function button 2
• Send tone 2
• Send instantaneous PLI
• Zeroise (multi-press)

SIM card slot
• Sealed removable SIM panel
• Requires Iridium SIM card to enable telephony services**

LCD display
• Variable LED backlight
• Battery life/charging
• Iridium signal strength
• Talkgroup status
• Talker ID and PLI
• Talkgroup select
• Secure mode indication
• Settings menu

• Multi-function power button
• Selectable power states:
– Disabled
– Off
– Standby
– On

Integral GPS/GNSS antenna
• Integral GPS/GNSS antenna for PLI

Integral PTT button
• Activate transmit audio into talkgroup

Intergral battery
• 6000mA hour capacity
• Lithium ion
• 3 days, mission life (8:1:1 duty cycle)
• USB , DC or AC charge (with adapter)

Multi-function button 1
• Send tone 1
• Zeroise (multi-press)

Power/config connector
• Charging , USB configuration (PC), USB token, PLI tether

Audio PTT connector
• Headset PTT audio connection
• Multi-headset compatibility via adapter cables

External antenna connector
• SMA connection for external Iridium antenna

Lanyard tether point
• Integrated slot for lanyard (included)

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