MetOcean Telematics open for business in Ottawa!

Ottawa, Ontario: MetOcean Telematics is pleased to announce that it has officially opened a new office in Ottawa, ON, CANADA.   MetOcean Telematics shows continued growth with the opening of a new office that houses a dedicated team of sales and product development professionals. This new regional office is positioned to further support our growing customer base, which seeks to further increase the company’s national footprint and continue to support their existing customer base within the region.

“This new location strengthens MetOcean’s regional presence, offers a single location for sales and product support in Ottawa where we can better serve our customers”, said Nelio DiCola, Business Development Manager with MetOcean Telematics.

With regional offices in Canada, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia, MetOcean Telematics is positioned to support customers around the world 24/7. As a prominent global Iridium Satellite, Value-Added Reseller (VAR) focused on hardware solutions, data services, and support, MetOcean Telematics is hopeful to further their expand their expertise and services to their local customers.

About MetOcean Telematics:  MetOcean Telematics develops and manufactures state-of-the-art data acquisition and end-to-end telematics solutions, with a focus on niche MetOcean solutions and custom Defence and Security products. To learn more please visit

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