MetOcean NOVATECH Radio Beacon Achieves Certification in Japan

MetOcean Data Systems (“MetOcean”), manufacturer of NOVATECH tracking beacons and flashers, hasbecome the first and only recovery beacon manufacturer with radio certified products for sale and operation in Japan.

Each radio beacon sold, and deployed, in Japan requires a radio license, and this pre-certification means that customers in Japan can obtain licenses quickly and more efficiency, drastically reducing delays and lead-times. 

The latest NOVATECH product certification is for the NOVATECH MMB-7500ST, a small, deep-rated, self-contained VHF radio locator beacon, primarily used for asset recovery.  Like other NOVATECH mini-beacons, the MMB-7500ST is powered by off-the-shelf Lithium batteries.  This miniature recovery aid is designed for long term ocean deployments (up to five years submerged), with enough power to transmit for up to 4 days (~100 hours) upon surfacing.

The MMB-7500ST mini-beacon was specifically designed for the Japanese market and meets very tight tolerances for frequency stability, bandwidth limitations and spurious emission control, all within the rather unique A1A waveform.  According to Leigh Woltman, MetOcean’s lead Engineer on the project, “The A1A waveform actually pulses out its identification number in Morse code.” Woltman also added, “It was also a challenge to design a 43MHz beacon, as this RF frequency is very low and it is not very commonly used in in the development of this type of electronic device.”Certification was made possible with the assistance of MetOcean’s Japanese partner, Sanko Tsusho Co. Ltd (“Sanko”).

Mr. Norio Akiyama, Sales Manager at Sanko commented, “We have been representing MetOcean in Japan for an impressive 28 years, and this most recent certification demonstrates the quality of the NOVATECH products, as well as the longevity of the NOVATECH and MetOcean brands.” Akiyama continued, “Reselling not one but two of the only products to have radio certification in Japan positions us above other brands, allowing us to provide faster turn-around times and to build trust with our customers.”

For more information about Sanko Tsusho Co. Ltd., please visit: 

For additional information on MetOcean’s products, please visit: MMB-7500ST. Self-contained VHF radio locator beacon.  Now certified for sale and operation in Japan.

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