What is the Geo Data Flag option?

When an email is received with the payload sent by the device, it would be an SBD attachment on the
email, which your system can then parse. In the body of the email will be some general email delivery
information, including what we call geo-referenced Iridium data. Iridium does a single satellite “Doppler
style location” that can give a CEP (Circular Error Probability), which will tell you in KMs roughly how
accurate it is in relation to the actual location of the device. Iridium uses this data only to determine
what continent the device is sitting in cause that is how they know which satellite is overhead to deliver
data. Accuracy should not be used to pinpoint the exact location of an asset as it may be off a few kms.
Below is an example.
MOMSN: 2875
Time of Session (UTC): Mon Feb 8 12:39:39 2021
Session Status: 00 – Transfer OK
Message Size (bytes): 10
Unit Location: Lat = 26.10643 Long = -80.18904
CEPradius = 2
MOMSN, MTMSN – MO = mobile originated, MT = mobile terminated. MSNs are message sequence
numbers, like a counter.
CEPradius – Provides an estimate of accuracy of the unit location in kilometers. Estimate is accurate 805
of time
Status – Transfer Ok, Incomplete call, SBD Denial, SBD Timeout.

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