How would I send a command to an IMEI if I didn’t have LiNC?

Iridium SBD allows MT (Mobile Terminated) messages to be sent to modules via files attached to an outgoing email. The procedure below will outline the key points in performing this operation. When sending files you will have to identify the transmission/mailbox interval of your device. It is during these times that the device will be able to receive incoming messages. Create an email with the following:

• Text email ONLY (not HTML)

• The body of the email should be empty. Even a space or carriage return can cause the iridium network to reject it.

• Enter only the 15 digit IMEI into the subject line. You can send the same file to up to five IMEIs in the same email by adding a space between each IMEI in the subject line.

• Attach the associated file you would like to send. The file type needs to be in .sbdformat. Do not send more than one attachment in a single email as it will be rejected.

• Send the email to

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