Deep MetOcean Iridium Beacons…Very, Very Deep

Dartmouth, NS, Canada (March 4, 2014) 

On March 27, 2012 MetOcean Data Systems, a leading global designer and manufacturer of data collection systems for remote and harsh environments, announced its participation in James Cameron’s historic dive of the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER.

NOVATECH, MetOcean’s well-known product line of Beacons and Flashers, helped to bring James Cameron’s dream of reaching the deepest part of the ocean, Mariana’s Trench, to reality in March of 2012. MetOcean developed a custom Iridium Beacon which was pressure rated to an unprecedented 11,000m and 16,500 psi, along with the NOVATECH Strobe (ST-400A) and the NOVATECH Radio Flasher (RF-700A1). Prior to this endeavour, travelling to these extreme depths had never been achieved, in the Beacon and Flasher world.

Two years after therecord-breaking 10,908m solo dive, becoming only the third person in history to dive to the deepest known place on Earth, viewers will be able to join James Cameron on his journey later this year – when DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D is release.

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