AIS/IRIDIUM Marking and Tracking Buoy 4950B.AIS/IR-F. This second generation AIS Drifter Buoy with optional IRIDIUM transponder is designed to mark and track oil spill and other floating objects. The marker buoy is designed for quick and easy deployment in an event and its robust design allows for drop launching this marker from up to 30 meters above sea surface, i.e. from helicopters, platforms or elevated decks. Improvements over the previous generation include a magnetic activation switch also indicating AIS status, low self-discharge rechargeable NiMh batteries and an optional integrated LED strobe (for the -F versions) and the optional IRIDIUM transponder.

IRIDIUM communication is especially useful for tracking in remote regions or if the drifters are not to be followed permanently. It is also possible to operate the drifter in IRIDIUM only mode significantly extending the lifespan up to one year making it suitable for applications in marine research like
surface current tracking.

The AIS Marking and Tracking Buoy is developed based on specifications according to the requirements from The Norwegian Clean Sea Association for Operating Companies (NOFO).

  • Rugged Inovative Design
  • AIS class B transponder and / or IRIDIUM 9602 SBD transponder

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